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Jonis212's gameplay for Mount & Blade (PC)

Jonis212 played Mount & Blade

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Jonis212 said...
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Together with a Veigir force lead by their king, I assauled an Rhodok castle and conquered it, and my king grant it over too me, as it's conqueror, I left most of my force as garrison in there and I left for the little village I was lord over, collected the taxes, talked too the village elder and checked if it was anything they needed me too do and when I travelled into the land of the Nords, battling sea raiders and earning some money, during that time, my castle got besieged by a great Rhodok force, and I travelled back too the castle, and the siegers let me in, and I lead the defense from there, we could stand 2 attacks and pulled the attackers back, but when they was too many and all my men was put too the sword and myself thrown in prison, til I was set free when some of my allies conquered the castle, and I went back too my little village where thy was happy too see me.
Mount & Blade

Mount & Blade (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 23/SEP/08
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lol, it got a real story when I wrote it down hehe :)
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